Bubble Bobble Nostalgie


Enjoy again your oldie Bubble



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Don’t you know Bubble Bobble? The classical Bubble Bobble has been remastered and you can play it even better.

As you Know these little dragons can blow bubbles to capture their enemies inside. Then, jump on a bubble with an enemy trapped inside and pop it!

You can also pick up some power-ups to make your journey easier. The power-ups emerge after certain events and boost speed, fire range etc.

Really addictive game which will like those arcade lovers.

Your main goal is to defeat the Mad Sorcerer and the Ghost. The Mad Sorcerer and the Ghost are waiting for you on 100th and 200th levels, respectively. Monsters of various species are to meet you along the way, so don’t you count on a quiet journey.

Trial version with the first 7 levels

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